Tips for Surviving Bed Rest

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What can you do on bed rest?!

Doctors use bed rest during pregnancy to help stabilize some complications.  It isn’t just lying in bed all day and not getting up, but for some women, this might be the case.  The type of bed rest you are on will be dependent on your doctor and your condition.

At 32 weeks, I am put on bed rest because of preeclampsia.  You can read about my preeclampsia diagnosis.

I would love to tell you bed rest is super exciting, however…

I was on what I like to call modified bed rest as it is important to still move around to help prevent blood clots.  Moving about the house was allowed, but I wasn’t allowed to do anything major like clean the house (darn!).

The doctor said I could still take my dogs for walks, but the walks would need to be shorter. (I was too afraid to do this, so it didn’t happen.)

I chose to stop driving because well, let’s be honest, I hate driving, and it just makes my blood boil.  Driving couldn’t possibly help my blood pressure.  Lucky for me, my husband has some great co-workers and a step-mom willing to help out wherever they could.

Your bed rest rules will depend on your doctor and your condition, obviously.  Do what they tell you; they are the professionals.

Bed rest doesn’t mean you can’t get things done

When I say “get things done”, I mean binge watching tv, ordering online, and reading books, of course.

The pups really enjoy being on bed rest.

Being on bed rest with Amazon Prime is dangerous!  I ordered a bunch of books because when the baby comes who knows when I will read books I want to read again.  You could do lots of shopping for the baby or yourself.  But, again, Amazon Prime and bed rest equals trouble.

Use this time to make sure your registry is up to date.  I didn’t get to have a baby shower due to being on bed rest and forbidden to travel, so making sure my registry was compiled of everything we absolutely would need was important.

Make sure you have tied up any loose ends at work.  You don’t want co-workers calling with unnecessary questions. I made sure my work was completed for my co-worker who was filling in for my meetings.  I even did some work for her. She wouldn’t be able to get to otherwise because she takes on way too much, and doesn’t say no to anyone.  One of the best co-workers I have had.

I found new Netflix and Hulu shows and got caught up on old ones.

You can be like me and bug your husband or significant other a lot. :p

Find things to do within the parameters your doctor has set for you.  Also, make sure it keeps you calm and relaxed.

If you have been cleared to work from home (if this is possible for you) and it stresses you out, set a time limit on how long you will spend on said work.

If it is going to stress you out and affect the baby, it isn’t worth it.

I also spent quality time with my sweet pups because their world is about to change soon.

Bed rest can have its perks for everyone.

Sometimes, they call it bed rest for a reason

TAKE NAPS!!  Your body clearly needs this time to just relax, so do it!

I rested as much as possible.  Making a baby is hard work even if you aren’t doing anything else anymore; it can still be exhausting.  I said it already, but soon, you will be wishing you napped more.

I am a busy body and sitting around is not easy for me, but I will do whatever I need to for my baby.

Take up a new hobby

I know what you are thinking. What hobby could I possibly do on bed rest?

I have dabbled in crocheting.  So, I went to Hobby Lobby and bought a bunch of baby yarn with the intention of making a bunch of things for baby G.  Did I mention I am not very good? It takes me a minute to get on a roll.  Crocheting is just one option, and if you have never done it before, there are a ton of YouTube videos you can watch.  That is how I taught myself.

Knitting is another hobby you could start.  This is different than crocheting.  Knitting uses two needles, and crocheting uses a hook.  The stitching for each is different as well. Again, YouTube will be your best friend if you have never done this before.

Cross-stitching and quilting are yet another sewing type hobby you could start. 😊

If you are able to get out of bed and move about the house, you could start a puzzle.  Not only do you get a change of scenery, but you will feel super accomplished when you finish the puzzle.  I am not patient enough for puzzles, but it is a great feeling when it’s all done.

You could start a blog chronicling your pregnancy.  Or, you could write about something you are passionate about whether it’s health related, kids, teaching, etc. all you need is a computer.  And, a credit card depending on how you choose to start a blog, if you so choose.

These next few might not be hobbies, but they are brain stimulating and will help pass the time.

You could start a Sudoku book, a crossword puzzle, or even do a word search or two.

My teacher friends you can start a Teachers Pay Teachers store.  Make some great standards based printables for your fellow teachers.

There is online teaching as well, and I am not 100% on this, but some of the online teaching programs only require a Bachelor’s degree.  This way you can make money and be on bed rest at the same time. Win win! (This isn’t necessarily a hobby, but it is worth mentioning.)

Start a journal if you don’t already have one.  For some this a great way to get your thoughts and frustrations out.

You could start a hope journal for you baby.  Journal all of the things you hope for your baby for each year.

Start your baby’s baby book.  Or, better yet, start a scrapbook for your little one.  This hobby will allow you to go some where besides your bedroom for a little while.

Start a YouTube channel.

For some of you your baby’s heartbeat will begin to become a sweet lullaby

If your bed rest requirements are like mine were, your doctor visits will become more frequent, which also means you may get to hear your baby’s heartbeat more often, now.  This, again, will depend on your doctor, the severity of your condition, and what your doctor has decided is best for you and your baby.

I was going back and forth to my doctor twice a week for blood pressure checks and to be connected to the fetal heart monitor to monitor the heartrate to movement of the baby.

The most relaxing thing of my pregnancy was hearing baby G’s heartbeat.


The most important thing is to relax and keep your baby cooking as long as possible.


What did you do while on bed rest?  Were you able to move around or were you stuck in bed?  Or, were you on hospital bed rest?

I would love to hear your story!



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