10 Easy Pregnancy Announcements

Announcing your pregnancy is just the beginning of the fun to come

Pregnancy announcements are some of my favorites because there are a lot of creative people out there in the world.

There are probably a million ways a couple could announce their pregnancy.  It truly depends on you and your significant other and what you both like and want to be associated with your new baby.

Pregnancy announcements are a great way to let everyone know what is going on and get them involved.  They are also great for social media to let those whom you still talk to occasionally know about a huge event in your life.

You have probably been waiting weeks to make your pregnancy announcement to friends, family, and the world.

Make your pregnancy announcement memorable.

On this list, you will find pregnancy announcements you can do yourself at home with your own camera or phone.

Incorporate your favorite sports team or their colors

We are die hard Atlanta Falcons fans.  Well…at least I am.  I wanted to incorporate our love for Falcons Football into our pregnancy announcement.  Our family and friends would expect nothing else from us.  This pregnancy announcement fit us and our personalities perfectly.  Can’t wait for our daughter to love the Falcons as much as we do!

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Announce your pregnancy at the beach

You could have your pregnancy announcement at the beach.  Especially if the beach is special to each of you.  Maybe you are celebrating at the beach, and it is a perfect time to make your pregnancy announcement. This announcement even included tiny baby flipflops.  It doesn’t get much cuter!

Get creative with your announcement.  Use things and events that are important to both of you.  Things you might want your child to love too.

This can easily be taken by another family member or you could set your phone or camera on a timer.  It doesn’t get any easier!

Involve your 4 legged fur babies

Some of my favorite pregnancy announcements involve our first babies, our fur babies.  Their life is about to change too might as well involve them in the announcement.

I have also seen other announcements involving dogs but with a big brother or big sister sign around their necks.  That is an option too.

If your dogs or cats or other animals are important to you, include them in your pregnancy announcement.

For this picture, all you need is chalkboard paint, chalk, and an old picture frame you are no longer using.  Again, you can take the picture yourself, or if you want to be in the picture too, you can set the timer on your phone or camera.

Keep it simple

Using a onesie to announce the due date and displaying the ultrasound is a simple way to announce your pregnancy. Your pregnancy announcement does not have to be over the top or orchestrated.  It can be simple and still be beautiful.

This pregnancy announcement was VERY easy to do myself.  It is simply an old onesie, flowers I had around the house, and my daughter’s ultrasound.  I added the “January 2019” with a photo editor.  You could easily take this with your phone and edit it with your phone as well.  This picture is text message and social media ready straight from your phone!

Your pregnancy announcement can be cute and silly

hamburger buns and an ultrasound with a note that says there is a bun in the oven bake until January 2019

Do you have some hamburger buns lying around?  You can easily tell family and friends you have a bun in the oven, and it won’t be ready until your due date.

I love this one. It is really easy to do yourself and there are so many ways you could do it.

You could also have the bun in the oven while you and your significant other kiss over it.  That would also be adorable.

The bun in the oven sign could be tied to the handle of the oven, and the picture could be taken with the oven closed.

It isn’t a professional picture, but it is still adorable and makes a great pregnancy announcement.

You can be literal with your pregnancy announcement

I have seen this picture done with shoes as well.  Another cute, really easy pregnancy announcement.

You would need to set the timer on your camera or phone.  If the option is there, you can also have some one else take the picture for you.

The Disney parent pregnancy announcement

There are so many ways you could incorporate Disney into your pregnancy announcement this is just one way.

You could use mickey mouse ears.

Depending on your situation, you could add a catch phrase about miracles or dreams coming true to your picture.

All you need is chalkboard paint and chalk for these next pregnancy announcements

For the next announcements, I used chalkboard paint to paint over the glass of an old picture frame I was no longer using.  Obviously, I used chalk to write, but you could also use chalk markers.

Maybe your significant other or yourself are into computers or your phones, and you wanted to do a play on that they are always loading or charging.

Either way, the baby isn’t done loading until January is a great and simple pregnancy announcement.  There is not a monumental cost to you to make it, and it is still a cute announcement.

Don’t forget about the grandparents

All of the grandparents to our little girl, they lived out of town at the time of our announcement.  We FaceTimed each grandparent with this message on the screen as soon as they answered.

Each grandparents’ reaction was priceless.  Though we weren’t able to capture their reactions, I think I will remember them forever.

Your announcement doesn’t have to be professionally done to be meaningful to yourself and your family.

Eating for two pregnancy announcement

Since you can no longer drink, your significant other will have to pick up the slack. If you drinking was your thing before. (LOL!)

I personally thought this was super cute.  If you like to have a drink now and again plus some yummy dessert, this pregnancy announcement is perfect for you.

All we had to do was set the timer on my phone in order to get us both in the shot.

These are just 10 easy pregnancy announcements you can do at home.

Your options truly are endless in how you can easily announce your pregnancy without breaking the bank to do so.

If you aren’t sure when you should announce your pregnancy, you can read about when we decided to announce ours here.

Tell me in the comments below how you decided to announce your pregnancy!

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