How to Manage Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is typically a given when you become pregnant.

There are a few women in this world who don’t experience morning sickness at all.

And the rest of us are extremely jealous and wish we could be them.

The fun part about morning sickness is it doesn’t always occur just in the morning. Sometimes it doesn’t go away at all during the day.

Then there are other women who are sick the entire pregnancy or they can’t keep food down at all.

We pray for and support those women as best we can.

When Does Morning Sickness Start?

I thought I was going to cruise through my pregnancy and not have morning sickness. (I also at the time hadn’t done much research on this topic.)

We also knew we were pregnant at week 4, so it was a little presumptuous of me.

The universe is laughing at me now.

Just after week 6 the nausea hit me like a ton of bricks and didn’t go away for at least another 6 weeks.

Then, it would be followed by 2 weeks of heartburn, woohoo!

For me, morning sickness was like having a constant hangover for 6 weeks the kind where if you could just throw up you would feel ten times better.

I am a huge baby when it comes to nausea, so this was a long six weeks for me.

Morning sickness typically starts around week 6 and will last through the first part of the second trimester unless you are one of the women we talked about above.

In that case, you will need to talk to your doctor about the best remedies for you.

Morning Sickness Remedies

Morning Sickness Medicine

I wanted to take as little medication as possible.  If it wasn’t medically necessary, I really didn’t want to take it.  This was MY personal preference.

My doctor gave me a sample bottle of Diclegis.

It is for morning sickness, and she recommended taking it at night at first to see how it affected me.

She said it could make me really drowsy even in the morning, so I would need to take it at night until I got used to how it made me feel.

I did not take this medication, but it is an option for those of you worse off than me.  Make sure to ask your doctor about it if you think it is right for you.

I personally, in the beginning, took A LOT of Tums.  I was eating Tums like candy.

These didn’t really help much long term, but they were great for temporary relief.

You can also talk to your doctor about prescribing Zofran.  This is commonly prescribed to women experiencing morning sickness.  It is an anti-nausea medication.

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Use Essential Oils for Your Morning Sickness

Essential oils are my best friend!  I love them! They have so many useful uses.

When it came to morning sickness (#alldaysickness), I used my essential oils all day every day.

I used peppermint, digestzen, and ginger daily. When I needed to, I applied them to my throat and chest.

I also diffused peppermint, lavender, and ginger at night when I went to bed.

Peppermint and ginger both can be used to alleviate nausea.

If you think about it, many of us drink ginger ale when we have upset stomachs; in this situation, you lose all the sugar and get what is actually good for you, the ginger.

Peppermint has so many uses. It can be used for fevers, upset stomachs, it’s used with lavender and lemon to treat seasonal allergies, it can help with breathing from a stuffy nose when diffused, I could go on.

Peppermint is a wonderful oil to have on hand.  **Just don’t use it once the baby is here; it is said to reduce your milk supply if you plan to nurse.** (This continues to be debated use your best judgement)

Digestzen is an oil exclusive to Doterra.  This oil has been amazing for me!

I used this oil a lot before I got pregnant because I had so many stomach issues.

I would apply it to my stomach (pre-pregnancy) and my symptoms would subside.  This was and still is my go to oil.

During pregnancy, I would occasionally apply it to my throat to help with the nausea.

I do not apply my oils neat; instead, I use roller bottles to house and dilute my oils.  I put in about 20 drops of the oil then fill the rest of the roller bottle with fractionated coconut oil.

You will find many resources that will say to apply these oils to specific points on your body a lot of the time it is your feet; I have had better success applying the oils where the ailment is.

I typically apply the oils three plus times a day depending how I feel that day.

When I diffuse them, I put 2-3 drops of each oil into the water of the diffuser, and it will run a majority of the night.  I also apply from the roller bottle again right before I go to bed.

The essential oils were more effective than the Tums for sure!

Eat! (If you are able to)

This one is probably the hardest to do.

During the first trimester, eating was not exactly what I wanted to do.

All I wanted to eat was bread and cereal.  (So much for that well-balanced pregnancy diet.)

Let me just say it really stinks being gluten free and only wanting bread and cereal.  There aren’t many great choices for gluten free bread.

I know it is hard, but eat whatever you can keep down even if it is only saltines.  Not eating won’t help the situation.

Try eating fruits like bananas and apples or even some pumpkin (if it is in season).

Exercising Can Help Your Morning Sickness Too

You are probably reading that title and thinking this woman must be mad.  Lol! It may be a possibility, but exercising

will help even if you just take a walk around the block.

This goes back to when you had your period.  My cramps always subsided or felt better if I was on the move.

I always felt better if I was up moving around.

Even taking my dogs for a walk every morning or evening made me feel better.

For me, it was a priority to still do yoga once or twice a week.

I still did other types of exercises as well.

PopSugar Fitness has an awesome YouTube channel.  Every exercise video has a person doing advanced moves and another doing modifications.  They cater to all skill levels, and they are free; you can’t beat that!

Mind you this is also before it started to get really cold here (September to maybe mid-November).

I lose all motivation to do much of anything the colder it gets pregnant or not.

Try to push through and at least get out for a walk. There are so many benefits to exercising especially when you are pregnant.

Staying Hydrated Can Relieve Morning Sickness

This one was really hard for me believe it or not.

Before I was pregnant, I would drink nothing but water all day.  You know sprinkle in a chai latte here and there, but my drink of choice is always water.

Once I was pregnant, I couldn’t choke water down if you paid me.

In order to drink water, I had to put half to a whole lemon in it.

I even put Powerade in my water.

Did anyone else have an aversion to water during pregnancy? Let me know in the comments.

I tried La Croix sparkling water with lemon in hopes the carbonation would help the nausea (i.e. making me burp). After a while, it was hard to drink even the sparkling water.

I drank Sprite a little bit.  It just has so much sugar that I tried to find a way to drink as much water as possible any way possible.

In the end, drink what you can keep down as long as it isn’t alcohol. 😊

Morning Sickness Remedies from Other Moms

I absolutely love asking other moms what helped them through their morning sickness because there isn’t one response that is the same.  Everyone is so different.

Please note: Not everything listed here or above will help your morning sickness.  There are some women who have a hard time finding a remedy that is right for them.

Rebecca from Living with Peas – 

says cucumber helped her because it was tasteless. Sucking on humbug mints or chewing gum. But no matter what she made sure she had something to nibble on or her nausea would be worse especially if she hadn’t eaten.

Niomi from Stellar Wellness – 

says she had morning sickness with 5 of her pregnancies.  Lemon water, lemon essential oils, and fresh air helped with her symptoms.  The best thing she says that helped her and every mom should take note; avoiding cooking and laundry (at least the first 12-14 weeks) also helped her morning sickness.

Brooke form Simply Well Family

Says that wearing Sea Bands and sucking on ginger chews helped her through her morning sickness.

Lisa from Mumma Scribbles

Says she kept Spearmint Polo’s  everywhere: in the car, her pockets, her desk, etc.  The only thing that helped, but it had to be spearmint.

Colleen from Making Masons

She says protein helped her morning sickness

Heather from Embracing Chaos With Love

says the only thing that helped her “all day sickness” was Celestial Lemon Ginger Herbal Tea, Ginger Ale, and Preggo Pops.

Lydia from The Eczema Mama

says she didn’t have much luck with morning sickness remedies.  Sometimes things like lemons, limes, or sour candies would work, but nothing really gave her relief.  She did find saltines and ginger ale helped once.

Ashley from I Speak Avon-lish – 

says just lying there was what helped her because she was too scared to move.  All of sudden she would be fine and in the next running for the restroom. She experienced extreme stomach pain, so she would simply lay there and not move.  She tried lollipops and liked those. And, unfortunately, after pregnancy she discovered mint tea.

Gessell from Thriving Mama Blog

says she used Doterra peppermint oil on her tongue to relieve her morning sickness symptoms.

Many other moms suggested:

ginger, sour patch kids, Tums, sparkling water, waiting it out, eating a small bite of something before you get out of bed, eat a lot of small meals, Zofran, plain crackers, magnesium spray, pepperimint, coconut water (from real coconuts), and taking vitamins at night.

Hyperemesis Gravidarum remedies

Charissa from The Wild West 3

She had Hyperemesis Gravidarum for the first 18-20 weeks.  She says the ONLY thing that truly helped her was Zofran.  But before she was prescribed Zofran, she tried Unisom, small meals, and avoiding true liquids helped her survive.  She used popsicles, slurpees, slushees, and ice chips to stay hydrated because she couldn’t keep down liquids.

I hope these tips help relieve your morning sickness symptoms, and you have a better day and night! 

Heartburn and Morning Sickness

I even used these remedies to help my heartburn from weeks 12 to around week 14.

Sleeping at an incline became a necessity because heartburn is no joke.

I had never experienced it before pregnancy.

Morning Sickness Can Have You Sidelined for a few Weeks

These things certainly helped me through those last 6 weeks of the first trimester.

Hopefully they will help you too.

What helped you through your morning sickness?

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