The Best Gift Ideas for the Mom-to-Be

Pregnant during Christmas?

Do you have a wife, girlfriend, sister, friend, etc. pregnant this Holiday season?

Maybe you aren’t sure what to get them this year.

Do you get the mom-to-be a gift for her or the baby?

What if she just wants a gift for her?

She could just want gifts for the baby.

Well, hopefully you have talked about this with her, and I can help guide you to what might be right for your soon-to-be-mama this holiday season.

What do you get an expecting mother for Christmas?

Look no further! I have asked other moms who were pregnant during Christmas what they wanted for Christmas besides things for the baby.

This list is specifically for the mom-to-be and what she wants for Christmas.

Give your pregnant mama a day of rest

Growing a baby is a lot of work.  It takes a toll on your body.

If it is your wife, make her breakfast in bed.  Let her put her feet up and dote on her all day.  She will thank you for it later.

Getting even a day of rest will help rejuvenate her mind, body, and soul.

Watch her favorite movies or television shows all day.  Take the entire weekend to just be lazy and enjoy each other.

If it is a sister or a friend who is pregnant, offer to run their errands for them.  Help them around their house.

Find creative ways to let them just rest and put their feet up.

Jennifer from Woods N Suds simply asked out right for an evening of rest during this hectic time of the year.

Don’t be afraid to ask your mom-to-be what she wants and listen.  She isn’t going to tell you something she doesn’t want.

So, when she asks for time to rest that doesn’t mean she wants to go out to the symphony.

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Don’t be afraid to buy maternity or nursing friendly clothes

I know I was right in the middle of the second trimester during Christmas.  If you have read any of my other posts, you know I was completely anti maternity clothes, but I regret that decision, now.

The only thing I purchased was a belly band (which I HIGHLY recommend).  I have days now where I wish I could still wear it that’s how good it is. (Lol!)

Mehgan from Planning For Keeps  All she wanted for Christmas for was maternity clothes, nursing tops, and compression socks.

And, if your mom-to-be has been vocal about her shoes not fitting, buy her some comfy shoes that will last her through the rest of her pregnancy.

You can get maternity clothes from pinkblush, Target, Old Navy (online only), Amazon, Motherhood Maternity, A Pea in the Pod, Nordstrom, rent maternity clothes, or almost any major department store check online.

Jalina from This Side of If wanted comfy maternity clothes and special underwear called Icon Underwear.

Depending on who the pregnant person is in your life, you might want to forget about the undies, but truth be told a good supportive pair of underwear never hurt anyone especially during pregnancy.

Be sure to ask their size, and if you aren’t sure what exactly they will like, get a gift card, and take them out on a shopping date later on.

Pregnancy Books

You can’t go wrong with a good pregnancy book.  The one thing us women like to do is over-prepare and educate ourselves on exactly what can and will happen.

Katrina from Preemie Mom Life recommends and asked for books like What to Expect When You are Expecting (I second this book) and Shit No One Tells You About Pregnancy.

I talk about this in my second trimester post, but there are many books out there for every mom-to-be.

The Bradley Method is a book and birthing class to consider if you want to have a non-medicated birth.

The Birth Partner is a book for the person not pregnant, but still I am sure it’s a good book for everyone to read.

If you aren’t sure what books to get, ask her what she doesn’t have or ask other seasoned parents what they read during pregnancy.

I was given the book What to Expect When Expecting. Before pregnancy, I was against this book. However, this book really put my mind at ease when it came to certain things happening and when.

Books for Leisure Reading

Every Christmas I ask for books. Even though I have even less time to read now, I really enjoy reading and know I will get to them eventually.

You should think about getting books not just on pregnancy.

Books to consider:

Buy a gift that makes pregnancy easier and postpartum for that matter

Have you heard of a meal train? Maybe cleaning services?

Kimberly from Team-Cartwright was pregnant with twins when she asked to have a cleaning lady for Christmas.

I am telling you this from personal experience. If you can swing a cleaning lady for your mom-to-be during pregnancy and for at least 4 months postpartum, you will win best person for life.

It is the best feeling to know you can focus on you and your baby/babies and not have to worry about the house.

I know it saved me, and I am certain it saved Kimberly too.

Monica from Mamahood & Joy says she asked for anything that would make pregnancy easier which meant meal trains, massages, cleaning lady, etc. And if you wanted to throw in a babymoon, she wouldn’t mind that either.

Another thing that cuts out stress for the mom-to-be is meal trains.

Meal trains are where your friends and family sign up to bring the new parents a cooked meal after the baby is born.

This option is completely free to set up. The food, of course, costs money.

We didn’t have this because we had just moved, but I participated in one and know it was an absolute lifesaver for the family.

Send your pregnant lady for a day of pampering

A pregnancy massage is great for the pregnant woman in your life.

Sending her to a full-on spa day would probably be even better.

Prenatal massages are great for relaxation especially if it has been a stressful week or an overall stressful pregnancy.

A prenatal massage is also great for the pregnant mom who is having back pain or any other kinds of aches and pains.

You could also get her a facial, body scrub, a manicure, or a pedicure (trimester depending).

Second to a cleaning lady, I personally believe a spa day or multiple massages would be the best gift to receive if I were pregnant.

What else can you buy a pregnant mom to be?

Well interesting enough, you could buy them a vacuum.  Believe it or not, this is actually a common gift I have heard from many other pregnant women.

There could be many reasons for this; one of which would be that pregnant moms typically hit a time in their pregnancy where they begin nesting.  Nesting is when you start to get your house and life in order for the preparation of baby.

Cleaning is a huge part of the nesting process.

Angie from Angie Cruise asked for a Roomba for Christmas when she was pregnant.

Amber from Look What Love Made doesn’t want anything baby related.  She just wants a vacuum that can also shampoo carpets.

As you can see from the two moms above, the urge to clean and have things be clean is strong.  Strong enough to ask for a vacuum for Christmas. 😉

**I feel like I need to say though DO NOT buy a vacuum for the pregnant person in your life unless THEY ask for it.**

Pregnant ladies have some major food cravings

If all else fails or you are not comfortable buying the other things listed, find out what she is craving and buy that.

Maybe the pregnant lady in your life is craving chocolate.  Buy her some of her favorite chocolates to have around when the cravings hit.

Is she craving steak? Take her out to the best steak place in town, or weather dependent, grill steak at home.

Find out what she has been craving and get it for her.

Pregnancy Gift Boxes

There are subscription boxes that can grow with a mom-to-be all the way through the first years of motherhood.


The EcocentricMom is a subscription box that can start during pregnancy and continue until the baby is a toddler.

They include products in the box that are always non-toxic, organic, natural and unique.

Each box can include products for the mom-to-be, her baby, or the home.

The Ecocentric Mom customizes their boxes to the soon-to be mom’s due date, so she gets what she needs during the right times of her pregnancy.

If you don’t want to get a full subscription, they have boxes you can send as a gift for the first trimester, second trimester, or third trimester.


This box subscription goes from pregnancy to postpartum to breastfeeding to the newborn stage.

I love that the Bump Box even has a Dad Box.  We easily forget about dad when there are babies and pregnant ladies around.

Not only do they have subscription boxes you can send as a one-time gift, they also have many products that can be useful for your mom-to-be throughout this phase life.

All boxes are catered to the mom-to-be’s due date.

Oh Baby Box 

Oh Baby subscription boxes are very similar to the other two I have mentioned above.

They cater every box to the new mom’s due date. Once your pregnant mama gives birth, they automatically start to send postpartum self-care boxes.

With all of these box subscriptions, you can send just one as a gift, and if you choose to start a monthly subscription for them, it can be canceled at any time.

I think they are

The perfect gifts for the pregnant lady in your life

Buying for a mom-to-be doesn’t have to be tricky.  I will bet she has already told you what she wants.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box or to pamper her.

She deserves it!

Tell me in the comments what you asked for, for Christmas.

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